Tuesday, September 2, 2008

permit me to be nostalgic...

I found myself flipping through my old high school yearbook lately (yes, it's still intact). It's all Jonathan's fault; though I really shouldn't blame him. I've said it before and I'll say it again: high school was great. Those were four years burned into my soul; burned so deep that after fifteen years, the memories remain as vivid as ever. Should I die and come back as a cockroach, I would like to be a cockroach infesting a small corner in the hallowed halls of my old school... never mind that the people there won't take kindly to my presence.

I miss you guys.

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jscatalla said...

all the more reason you guys in the US should get together as MaSci93 and not just as acquaintances.

miss you too, man.

Sol Iglesias said...

our friendship started with trig,
cemented by physics,
sustained by star trek
(with a dash of asimov).

miss you guys too.

elyss said...

Natouch naman ako sa sinabi mo: Kahit maging ipis, papatulan mo.

Miss you, too, Cez. High school was magical.